Thursday, March 1, 2012

10W for March 26th, the Annunciation of our Lord.

The following is a 10 minute worship for March 26th, the Annunciation of our Lord. You can either play this worship service on the flash player below or download it to your favorite music program to sync with your mp3 player by clicking on "DOWNLOAD" or play it on your smartphone's music player by clicking PLAY . You now also have the option of receiving these notices each week and on festival days by signing up for the 10W constant contact email list on the right or on your phone by texting 10W to 22828. Please help fund this ministry by clicking on the OFFERING LINK and making a small donation to Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church. The song for the day is "Stables" by Dakota Road from the album, "Love Can Break Through"  and can be purchased HERE.

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